Friday, September 24, 2010

Supervillain Radio

So, a while back I was making these collections on Polyvore:

However, all of my Pandora stations were playing things that were just not... villainous. So, I asked myself, "If I were a Supervillain, what would I want to listen to?"  The answer was a new Pandora station rooted in the supervillain spirit.

Now, Supervillain Radio is a station that plays regular songs, the difference is you!  You have to listen to the song and lyrics as if they were being sung by a Supervillain!

I have been training it for about a month and while it is far from perfect, most of the songs on the liked rotation are quite good.  May you listen, laugh, and share!

Supervillain Radio 

(Disclaimer: Supervillain Radio is NOT rated, but if it were, i would think it should be rated "R" for some of the language and subject matter included in the songs. However, to my knowledge, there is no extreme violence or hate-mongering.)

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