Monday, September 27, 2010

The Artists of the Future

The artists of the future are the 3-year-olds of today!  This morning I had the pleasure of meeting a charming child whose artistic future seems most promising.  I was in a coffee shop wondering what to blog about today when she arrived with her mother.

She was wearing a red t-shirt dress that had hamburgers all over with a black and white striped skirt, teal and white striped leggings, red sequin shoes with giant red glitter bows on the toes,  and a bright blue zip-up hoodie with little white stars all over it.  Her hair was short and parted to the side with a giant yellow bendy clip, and she had on the most precious thick framed, plastic "Buddy Holly" glasses (in miniature of course).

She was ADORABLE! She had the attitude to go with the outfit and she walked over to me and said,
"Hi. I like your necklace."
      "Thank you. I love your outfit."
"Yeah. I know, I dress myself. I look cool today."
      "Wow. You dress yourself. That is impressive."
"Yep! Momma says it is good that I is impendemdent."
      "That is good. Did you pick out your glasses too?"
"I pick out everything. I am super great at the pickin' stuff out."

Then, her mom had finished ordering coffee and came to collect Miss Artistic Impendemdent and they were gone.  It was striking how smart and collected she was.  I began to consider all of the possibilities this world offers to her future, to the future of all of us.  So much potential, so many opportunities, so many choices for ways to excel, talents for people to have, and yet she is clearly gifted in specific ways.

How great is our God, creating such diversity among the same creation!  The future is uncertain for so many, worrying about politics and war, pollution and global warming, economic threats and the decreasing job markets, but there are things that are more certain than ever. Children are gifted, there are so many future artists, diplomats, repair men/women, educators, doctors, philanthropists, politicians, advocates, missionaries, leaders of industry, house wives/husbands, and so on.  The world is in turmoil, and yet brimming with so much promise. It is truly amazing what God can do.

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