Sunday, June 14, 2009


It's strange how we can get so attached to an animal, that even after you move away from them, they still hold a place in your heart.

(These are from right after I first got here.)

When I decided to go to AIM, I had to leave my cat with my parents. She was so spoiled and attached to me that it was hard on us both. She was not the friendliest, but she was very sweet in her own way.

(These are from the night I was finishing packing to go to Mexico.)

(This one is from last Christmas... They did eventually get along.)

My mom called a week ago and told me that she was sick, that the vet thinks it was feline leukemia. They were trying some drugs but ultimately, they didn't work. She called this morning at 7 to tell me that she died next to our other cat, Noah (they were best friends,) on the couch at 2am. I know it is best that she isn't in anymore pain. But it is still hard, letting her go.

Willow Persephone... May you rest in peace.
2002 - 2009

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