Friday, August 14, 2009

Up Coming Events...

Being August, I suppose I should post something... (Especially since the last post was such a sad one!)

Again, blogging is not my thing, but here we go!

I am going to be in a craft fair on Sept. 19th, at the Lubbock Garden & Arts Center! The Arts and Crafts Festival usually has quite a few people so if you are in the area, you should stop by! It should be super fun.

(Pictures are of just some of the things that will be in my booth!)

Life has been geared toward getting organized enough to be in the festival and to make a plethora of unique and fun things to sell.

Richard and I took a trip to Michigan to visit his family there. It was a lovely visit and a nice two weeks spent regrouping and a time for evaluation. (His family is having some health problems, and we would all appreciate your prayers...)

So, upon returning home, I have been working on organizing displays, my beads for the jewelry, my supplies and such for tagging, and determining what I need to do over the next 4 weeks to get ready!

I will *try* to write more, so please stay tuned! Many blessings, peace and mercy to you all!

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