Friday, May 15, 2009

50 Years of Marriage...

This blogging thing is clearly not my strong suit… This means I will be redoubling my efforts (again) to bring you more information on my life, my work, and the many crazy things that happen around here on a daily basis!

For today, I will share with you the events of last night. Today is my Grandparents’ 50th Wedding anniversary. On this day, May 15th, 1959, Ken and Nancy were married. They went one to be missionaries in Guatemala, where their children were born, and then in Nigeria. They have been living in Lubbock, Texas since the late 1970’s.

I wanted to throw them a party, but my grandmother didn’t want one, so instead I organized dinner with all of the family at a lovely restaurant here, Gardski's. There were 16 of us, including my mom, brother and sister from out of town. It was a huge surprise and lots of fun.

I made a CD of hits from 1959 to play during dinner. I was sneaky and framed some of their wedding pictures for the table. My mom (a cake decorator of sorts) made her famously popular white cake and I got the same variety of yellow roses they had at their wedding to put on the table and on the cake. There was great food, lots of talking, and fun.

Grandma and Papa,
Here is to 50 golden years, and to many more!

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