Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thing-A-Day: Five & Six

Day Five:

I made more of the reusable coffee sleeves. I am trying to make enough that I can sell them in stores… These now have decorations and the rest will soon have embellishments too!

These cater more to the ladies…

These are more for the gents…

Day Six:

Today I ran errands, had coffee with a dear friend, and talked to a man who owns an embroidery store about having sew-in labels made for my products. After all of the time spent out; I didn’t have much time to make anything. I started a scarf last night and was about 20 minutes from finishing it when I noticed a MAJOR mistake I’d made in the second row. There was nothing to do but unravel it to the mistake and start over from there. Therefore, a picture of my intended project in ruins as it sits awaiting completion.

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