Monday, March 23, 2009

I am the Queen of Terrible Bloggers!

I have neglected you all for over a month and I apologize. Life has been hectic and cold for a while, but as spring settles in, I hope to be around more.

I have big news today... The Etsy shop is (finally) online and officially under construction!

The Spectacular Opening Sale will commence Friday, March 27, at 3pm (cst) and will continue through Sunday, March 29, at 9pm (cst). I will be offering special deals on shipping, reduced prices and bonus items to everyone who places an order of more than $25.00 during the sale.

I hope to have jewelry available by this weekend, but if not I will have a separate jewelry sale once I have pictures of them and can get the descriptions written.

There is nothing to buy yet, but please check out the store and read welcome message and the Store Policies. If you have any advice or suggestions, comments or questions, PLEASE contact me!

God bless you all!

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