Monday, April 25, 2011

Music to Crochet By...


As most of you probably know, I love music. There is so much power in a song, simple or complex, techno or old hymn... Music can be shaped to almost anything to anyone, and no two people experience the same song in the same way.
Whenever I am working, I am usually listening to music. I was thinking through out the past week that I should really put together a Pandora station that is "Music to Crochet By..."

You might well ask yourself, "Wha-?" and trust me, I was asking myself the same thing. "What makes music that is perfect for crocheting? Wouldn't that very per person? Wouldn't it depend on the project you are working on...?"

To some degree, yes. I mean, if you are crocheting a bright pink, yellow, and orange spring slouch hat, you might not find The Decemberists "The Soldiering Life" very appropriate or inspiring. Likewise, while crocheting a black shawl for the symphony, you mightn't find "Kids" by MGMT carries the mood of the project.

However, I find many projects get rather tedious, and since most people my age and younger have project ADD, I was thinking... by varying your auditory stimulation, you can continue working longer than you would have had the patience to otherwise. So, I present to you, my newly crafted Pandora station!

Music to Crochet By... (To Listen, Click Here! It's Free!)
Though this station is designed with yarn crafting in mind, it would also be good for crafting/tedious work of any kind, or general listening!  It might be my favorite I have shared so far and hope you all enjoy it!

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  1. I love listening to music while I'm crafting also! It helps keep my mind on my project, yet takes my mind somewhere, and I've got creative inspiration at the same time! I enjoy MGMT and the Decemberists too, along with The Shins, Freelance Whales, The Strokes, Florence & the Machine, and I'm gonna stop there before I list out a thousand different artists. Thanks for sharing your "working" music!