Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Downtown Art Market Review

The Second Saturday Downtown Art Market was a success!  

     There were more people than last month, it was cold, but not too windy, and I sold some things! Several hats have gone to keep some heads warm, a very favorite scarf of mine is on its way to a wedding today, several necklaces will be showcasing some lovely new owners, and a coffee cardigan will be helping to save trees and looking fashionable on some cups! 

These are some pictures I took yesterday!  I left a lot of my displays at home because I was going for a more simple look with the booth.

Though it was very cold, and I did a great deal of complaining about not feeling my toes, I would call it a success!  Also, there was a quite a bit of interest in my fingerless gloves and I am confident that I will get some orders for them soon!

Something else that is very exciting is the number of people interested in learning to crochet!  I am happy to teach all who want to learn, free of charge (so long as it is on a small scale) and I am so glad that there are others interested in the art! 

If you are interested in learning, please get in contact with me, or check back here tomorrow for my new blog post and announcement! 

Now, I am off to make my very own pair of fingerless gloves!!! 
Blessings of love and peace to you all!

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