Monday, November 1, 2010

The Dapple Apple Learns a Lesson!

Growing up I loved to read the American Girls book series. Molly was my favorite and I would read and re-read, and so on all of her books.  I have always loved reading, and last night I began writing my first novel.

NaNoWriMo is a wonderful tool for people who want to write, but never thought that it would be possible/plausible.My previous post talked a little bit about NaNoWriMo, but now I would like to share a little bit about the book I am writing.

An Adventure Murder Mystery centered around a government conspiracy, The Historian, is not your typical young adult drama, magical adventure, or vampire saga. Instead,  The Historian focuses on truth, facts, events, and how to discern the real and important from the public perception.

There is alot more to the story than that, but in its very roughest form, I don't have much more to say about the over arching plot. Below is the first attempt at cover art, an excerpt, and a summery. With 2,535 words in the Introduction and Chapter one written, I think day one is shaping up fairly well for a first attempt at the art of novel writing!

The Historian
(a summery)

A young woman... an ancient manor... an old Historian... a dark deception... a life time of goals... a political conspiracy... a murder... a startling mystery... a friendship forged... a life changing journey... a crippling failure... a secret revealed... an enduring promise... a triumphant success... a secret lost... a better world... a true adventure...

The Historian
(an excerpt)

      Each person to live, and who has ever lived, is unique because of their heart, their mind, their soul, their talents, strengths, weaknesses, perceptions, and so on. “The is nothing new under the sun...” but there is always an infinite number of possible perceptions.  Who can hope to divine the truth of the past from so many interpretations, all dependent upon each individuals perceptions? That is the job of the Historian.
      He awoke with a start the next morning, just as the sky was beginning to turn gold and pink, by a strong hurried knock at the door. He got, his body aching from the work and spending the night on a hard chair, but crossed the small room quickly. He'd never actually had a visitor before. Wayden stretched and yawned as he opened the door and was left standing dumbfounded, one arm extended up over his head, the other still on the door handle and a half yarn gape on his face. He was starting to wonder how much he'd had to drink the night before when the man on the step spoke clearly but in a register just above a whisper, “May I come inside?

      The man came in, and waited til the door was closed before removing his traveling coat and hat. His fluffy white hair matted on top and his thin body dressed as ever in an impeccable suit and shimmery tie. He stood there holding his coat and hat waiting for the shock of his sudden appearance to wear off a bit before he explained why he had come. Everyone who lived near Caerwyn Manor said that old, crazy Aaldenburg never left his home, and yet here he was. Standing in the humble home of the man whose life he had torn asunder.

If you want to read more, let me know and I will make the rough draft of each chapter available to you.
Please let me know what you think!
Many Blessings of love and peace, 

PS- This is all copyrighted to Courtney Roper, and any attempt to copy it and use it for your own gain is strictly forbidden and greatly discouraged! Thanks!

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