Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Paperless X-mas Continues!

So, I have finished 2 bags now and I am so very, very pleased with how they have turned out!

The bags here are Richard's and mine, as I wanted to be sure that I knew what I was doing before I started on everyone elses!  The drawstrings aren't in their casings yet, but other than that, these two are finished!

(A picture of them folded up)

 (To see a larger image of any of these photos, just click on it.)

I love them, but what do you think?!


  1. Love this idea! Will you put all the gifts into the same sack or is it just for one specific gift...or....

    Your hair is cute too!


  2. Thanks for your comment!

    The gift bags are large enough that they could hold lots of gifts, or one large gift. I am hand making everyone a gift this year and so each person is just getting one from us, so the point is moot as far as these bags go.

    There are 3 people getting blankets, so they will be bulky and take up lots of room. The smaller gifts might seem lonely in the large bags, but I think it will help kids to see that the size of the gift or number of gifts doesn't matter, so much as what each is.

    Other people who've done this have bags for each member of the family. They typically wrap one present for each person from "Santa" and put it with whatever other un-wrapped gifts all in the sack. Then, each person pulls out one at a time and they get to all see it and share as they open gifts.

    I think in the long run it saves time, money and paper, all of which are great things! Also, for people like Richard and I without kids who travel to many places each holiday, we can't wrap gifts because we are flying. So, we are keeping the cloth bags, taking them with us when we go, to reuse from us every year. We will have a set for the whole family.

    Anyway, long winded answer to a short question... Oh well.