Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cerebration Station

Tuesday here at the Dapple Apple and I am sharing some of the things I worked on yesterday and today!
I've been researching patterns for messenger bags, aprons, totes with lots of pockets, and more. I drew up schematics for what the "Adventure" Messenger bags will look like, researched the most effective way to make a plain apron more versatile, and designed the ultimate crocheter's perfect carry all!
 These are my sketches!

The Quintessential Adventurer Bag!

This is the quintessential Adventure bag!  It will have two main pockets inside, a back pocket, side pockets, 4 pockets under the flap, a pocket on the outside of the flap, and 2 secret pockets that only the creator, adventurers (and their mothers) will know about!  This bag will be able to hold all the adventure essentials and comes with a matching blanket that fits into its own compartment behind the bag!  World, beware!

The Updated Basic Apron!
 This apron will have lots of "cargo" room, as well as a hook for an oven mitt and a towel loop. It will be super functional, durable, and adorable!  After the holidays, I will probably make myself one!

The Ultimate Crochet Tote!
    This tote will have two smallish pockets on each end, two large pockets on the front, and a thin large pocket on the back. The inside will have 2 compartments, a large one for yarn, projects, etc. and a smaller one for books, magazines and instructions. The top will either close with a flap (as shown), or the front and back will come up higher and there will be handles and two snaps. Along with it I am also making some simple drawstring bags for yarn, no more tangled masses of yarn under your projects... just smooth crocheting from here on out... Well, not from here, but after x-mas...

These are just some of the new projects I am working on... I hope you will check back tomorrow to read more about what will be coming up at the Downtown Art Market on November 13th! 

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