Monday, October 18, 2010

Mechanical Monday

After a restful weekend spent crocheting in bed while warding off a cold, I am back out-and-about, hoping to get all of the responsible things out of the way today so I can get back to my creative work tomorrow.

There are several exciting things that have been completed including 3 shawls, two necklaces, and a list of x-mas projects I still need to make. Below are pictures of the two shawls I have completed for my nieces. (Just one more to go!)

This is the little shawl for miss sweet Sarah. She is so loving and adorable and I think this shawl is bright and colorful and will reflect her personality.

The light pink, bright blue, gold, dark pink, and shell border all complement the fun 2-year-old life style.

The button is a tan "gingerbread" looking plastic button in the shape of a flower. I think it is perfect with the whimsical look of the shawl.  The best thing about this shawl is that it is washer/dryer safe and thus perfect for Sarah and her Mommy!

 This next shawl is for Miss Emily!  I love this little shawl. It is super frilly, but classic!

The silver and pearl buttons add to the timeless feminine appearance, while the fancy pink and blue border make it just a little fun.

Miss Emily is growing up into quite a sophisticated little girl, with so many great qualities and refined preferences. I am really hoping she will like the colors and the buttons. 
This is a close up of the top button, which is a bit larger and more ornate than the other two. I made the shawl extra full so that when she spins it will twirl very nicely.

This shawl is also washer/dryer safe and while there are many little holes, is actually very warm.

Pictures to come of the Order of the Phoenix shawl tomorrow!

I hope that you all had a good weekend, and let me know what you think of the girls shawls.

God bless!

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