Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am seldom patriotic. I am seldom pro-government, as I have problems supporting what they do with war and with neglect and with allowing bureaucracy to stall the little good that they as an entity strive to do.

I am an idealist and I support the belief that my first (and only allegiance) is to THE higher power, whose community I try to serve. That is not to say that I do not respect the leader of my country, but I do not want respect to be misconstrued with total and blind support. I truly believe that we are called to be something more in this world, as is evident to me throughout the Bible. (Picture of my sister, being patriotic. Circa 2002)

All of that said... Get out there and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! (Just once though, any more than that and you can be arrested.) I do not know what the future will bring or how this election will shape America. I do know that, as a citizen of this country, your right to vote is a blessing. Pray, get informed, find out the facts about the issues, about the candidates, about the situation facing this nation, and then pray again for God’s guidance as you go out and cast your ballot for whomever you believe is the best choice. I am not saying there is a great candidate, but you have the power to write in whomever you want… make a wise choice and do it today!

God gave you your voice. God gave you the capacity for discernment.



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