Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Hat, a Blanket, and an Escape!

I have been working a lot lately on the gifts I am making for Richard’s nephew and four nieces. Two blankets are finished, one is almost complete, the fourth is only a bit under way, and the hat and scarf set for the one year old is what I most recently started.

(This pink camo blanket is for the three year old.)

(The hat is for the one year old… I think it turned out cute!)
I got the yarn for the hat at the Hobby Lobby in Wichita Falls, Texas when Richard and I took a day trip on November 8 to see our dear friend Lydia (who has her own etsy shop). It was a great trip, though very, very long. We got there in time for lunch and went to a great little Mexican food place then we went and hung out at the Hobby Lobby down the street. The store was having a great sale on yarn so I had to get some… and some that was not on sale made me think of an ewok and so I had to get it, too.

From the Hobby Lobby we headed downtown to a cool coffee house Miss Lydia had heard about, but upon our arrival we found it closed. We were left standing outside looking in the windows at its remarkable coolness and lamenting about out timing.
From there we headed to Braum’s for ice-cream and a lovely random 2 hour chat. We took Lydia home and then headed out for the four-hour drive back to home. It was a long night, but totally worth it! I am so excited that Miss Lydia will be moving to Lubbock in January! I have missed her dearly, and now I get to see her in two weeks and then again 2 weeks later and then in three weeks after that she will be living here!
I have tons more to blog about but no time now. I am off to clean and cook, then bake a pie!
Have a great Saturday!

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