Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Spring is actually here... though it feels a bit more like summer some days.

Not much time to write, just quickly popping by to say hello. Firstly, all of you need to check out Lydia's new blog. I edited the layout quite a bit, designed the banner, updated some of the formatting, etc. There are still a couple of things to tweak, but I like it!

Secondly, I am so crazy excited about going to see the new X-Men Origins movie tomorrow that it is ridiculous. I plan to spend the day tomorrow finishing up some new necklaces, sending a few emails, and baking about 4 dozen chocolate chip-cinnamon-vanilla-banana-muffins. Then, it is off to dinner with at least two of my favorite people, and then to the movies to wait in line for the midnight first showing of the X-MEN movie!

Long but happy day tomorrow... can't wait!

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  1. What have you been up to lately? :-D Your readers would like to know.